A Drag Reducing Agent, alternatively known as a Flow Improver or Pipeline Booster, can dramatically increase your pipleline flow rate or be used as a Drag Reducer to decrease your energy costs.



A Drag Reducing Agent (DRA) or Drag Reducer (DR) is an anti turbulent polymer chemical that when injected into a pipeline (where the fluid is turbulent) can modify the flow regime by reducing the frictional pressure drop along the pipeline length or serve as a pipeline booster.



A Drag Reducer acts as a flow improver to pipelines that can either provide an increase in flow (using the same amount of energy) resulting in a much higher throughput, or alternatively maintain the same flow rate whilst using considerably less energy.


DRA’s can IMMEDIATELY increase throughput capacity OR save on energy and costs

DRA's can reduce drag by up to 80% 

and can increase flow rates by more than 100%


QFLO - Drag Reducers can:

               Increase  Pipeline throughput                                                        Increase  Flow capacity

               Reduce  Carbon emissions of Main line pump stations                   Reduce  Pipeline Operating Pressure (whilst maintaining throughput)

               Reduce  Oil Tanker demurrage - by reducing oil transfer times    Reduce  Mainline pump power demands and consumption costs

               Avoid  Cost of building new pump stations and pipelines               Avoid  Pipeline shut down due to MOL pump maintenance

               Decrease  Transportation time                                                        Bypass  Main Oil Line pump stations


              Drag Reduction Agent - Pipeline Booster – Flow Improver – Drag Reducer - Anti-Turbulent Additive – Drag Reducing Agent



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QFLO has DRA project experience in the following countries . . . . . UK, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, China, India, Pakistan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Venezuela, Abu Dhabi




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